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Extraordinary Time appeals to people who have suffered serious illness or traumatic loss and are seeking a hopeful approach to healing from trauma, pain, and grief. The author recounts her harrowing one–year experience with cancer and its aftermath, the death of her spouse, and a major life transition. Extraordinary Time illustrates how a person faces significant life changes with courage and recovers through drawing on the wellsprings of faith, the love and support of community, and the full resources of the Christian spiritual tradition, including the mystics and the Communion of Saints. The great themes of suffering, healing, death, and the afterlife are explored from a spiritual teacher’s deeply formed angle of vision through which a wide range of readers will find encouragement, consolation, and inspiration for dealing with their own extraordinary times.

Just Published:
Extraordinary Time: Spiritual Reflections from
a Season with Cancer, Death, and Transition.

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Extraordinary Time:

Spiritual Reflections from a Season with Cancer, Death, and Transition

Published September, 2018

Path of the Purified Heart: The Spiritual Journey as Transformation


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Afterlife, Interrupted


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Just Published: Extraordinary Time

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