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Extraordinary Time:
Spiritual Reflections from a Season
with Cancer, Death, and Transition

“Laura Dunham invites the reader to share in the rich convergence in her own life. That convergence includes deep rootage in Reformed faith, alert participation in the great tradition of spirituality, engagement with contemporary masters of spiritual disciplines, and her own critical angle on her own experience. She lines out this convergence according to the liturgical year of the church, giving access that may lead the reader, along with the author, closer to the heart of God.”

Walter Brueggemann
Professor Emeritus, Columbia Theological Seminary
Author of The Practice of Prophetic Imagination (2012)


“In Path of the Purified Heart, Dunham employs all the candor and intimacy of good memoir and all the objectivity of a trained pastor to give us an honest and informative look into Christian mysticism from the perspective of the Reformed tradition.”

Phyllis Tickle
Author of The Divine Hours series


“Rare keen intelligence, simplicity of style, and compelling as literature! This book can teach all
of us how transformation is possible if we take seriously one liturgical year and stay attentive.
Rev. Laura Dunham has written a book not only different in degree, but different in kind. This is
a new contribution to serious seekers in the Christian tradition...not only smart and personal but
real and ready for any contemporary seeker who wants to go deeper right now.”

Mary Margaret Funk, OSB
Our Lady of Grace Monastery
Author of the Matters series and Into the Depths: A Journey of Loss and Vocation (2010)


“Spiritually rich and beautifully written, Laura Dunham not only retrieves important traditions of Christian wisdom, she juxtaposes them in unique, insightful, and fully convincing ways. How does the embodied and transformative process of walking the labyrinth guide us also in the soul’s journey through purification, illumination, and union? How is the church’s liturgical calendar humanized through provocative yet honest personanecdote? In raising these
questions Dunham honors Christian tradition as well as her readers.”

Steven Chase, PhD
Studium Scholar, St. Benedict’s Monastery
Author of Nature as Spiritual Presence (2011)


Just Published: Extraordinary Time

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